The Real Mexican Nachos are Chilaquiles.

Australians LOVE Nachos, I like them too, however, I've got news for you... Nachos is the TexMex version of Chilaquiles;

This recipe is great for a dinner party when you really want to show off your real Mexican cooking skills, with your Aussie friends that have actually have been to Mexico and know for a fact that Nachos is not the way to go. super easy, be ready to amaze your guests.

Serves 8 People
1K Totopos @MXflavour
1 Can Salsa Verde para Enchiladas @MXFlavour
1 Whole Roasted Chicken Shredded
250ml Thickened cream
Shredded Cheese
Sliced Onion

1 to 3 jalapenos (Optional, for extra heat) boil for 3 minutes then blend in with Salsa Verde para Enchiladas @MXflavour

1 Turn oven on @180C for 10 minutes while you slice onions and get everything ready, oven needs to be preheated as you will only place the chilaquiles in there for 8-10 minutes
2 In a large Oven friendly container place the totopos (corn chips) the whole bag
3 Add shredded chicken evenly throughout
4 Pour Salsa Verde para Enchiladas over Nachos
5 Pour cream, shredded cheese, and raw onion on top
6 Place in oven for 8-10 minutes untill cheese melts and serve and Davour immediatelly.

You can serve with Black Refried Beans @MXflavour on the side.

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