About Us


MXFlavour is run by Ileana Navarro and Maru Cervantes. Ileana owned a successful restaurant in Mexico before moving to Australia in 2004. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and two sons. Ileana has a passion for authentic Mexican cuisine and enjoys imparting her knowledge of traditional cooking techniques and recipes to cooking enthusiasts. She has been importing Mexican products and ingredients into Australia since 2008.

Maru is a mechanical engineer who settled on the Sunshine Coast with her partner, son and daughter after moving to Australia in 2012. Maru is a natural entertainer who loves long, loud dinner parties and who drives the business side of MXFlavour.

The partnership between Ileana and Maru is a symbiotic relationship based on Ileana’s love of cooking and nurturing, and Maru’s love of eating and being fed delicious food. Together they have developed a range of recipes and sourced authentic ingredients that are so easy to use that even Maru can cook amazing dishes.