White Tortillas – 30 pack

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A unique blend of corn flour. Nixtamalized 100% Corn Masa. 


These authentic Mexican tortillas offer a fresh-from-the-kitchen flavour. They are incredibly soft and flexible, they won't crack or break, making them perfect for tacos, fajitas or enchiladas.

Made in Australia

30 per pack

The most commonly used tortillas in Mexico are made with corn. It was ancient Mexican cultures who developed the process of nixtamalisation which is the soaking of the corn kernels in mineral lime to make the nutrients available for human digestion.

With the arrival of the Spanish conquerors wheat was introduced to Mexico. As wheat was easier to grow in the arid lands of northern Mexico than was corn it was adopted into the local gastronomy in the 1500s.

The beauty of gastronomy is that you can mix and match things and it is the blending of cultures which can result in the development of new and amazing dishes.

Wheat tortillas have their benefits, they are more flexible and they preserve better, therefore are more commercial. It is for these reasons they are more widely known and accepted. The nutritional value of a wheat tortilla is quite low; hence the need to pack a wheat tortilla to the brim with fillings. So if you're going to make a huge burrito with a dozen different fillings and you want it tightly wrapped, choose a wheat tortilla.

If you want to make a traditional Mexican taco, where the corn tortilla's nutritional value is higher in itself, there is no real need to fill it as much. A small amount of your preferred meat or cheese and some salsa will do the trick.